Fizzy Vegan-Friendly Candies

Fizzy Vegan-Friendly Candies
May 2023

These new Bebeto candies are being added to the brand's product portfolio as a series of sweet, free-from treats for consumers in the UK to enjoy this summertime. The candies include the Fizzy Ring Mix and Fizzy Peach Hearts, which are both free from artificial colors and have a vegan-friendly recipe for consumers to appreciate. The candies are crafted with real fruit juice and come in 150-gram sharing bags to make them great for shoppers to pick up for enjoyment with friends or family.
A spokesperson for the company commented on the versatility of the new Bebeto candies saying, "They are just perfect for sharing wherever you are, and whatever you are up to, this summer: just pack and go for picnics, festivals, in the car, or enjoy at home in front of the TV."